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Hitgallut - the Revelation of Yochanon the Emissary

Hitgallut -

The Revelation of Yochanon the Emissary

The great prophetic book of the B’rit Chadashah is called Hitgallut, traditionally thought to be written by the shaliach Yochanan while he was in exile on the Greek island of Patmos, probably around 90 A.D. All the themes of prophetic truth intimated in the Tanakh converge in this amazing book, including the Great Tribulation, the judgment of the nations, the restoration of Temple worship, the fulfillment of the messianic kingdom in the restoration of the glory of Israel, the final judgment of Satan, and so on.

The word Hitgallut means “revelation” or “unveiling” (sometimes the word Chazon, “vision,” is used for Hebrew translation instead).

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