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The word "Jew" comes from Judah, a name that means "praised" which is derived from the shoresh yadah, meaning (in the Hiphil) to give thanks, to laud, to praise. A true Jew, then, is one who lives in a praiseworthy attitude and manner according to God's standards.

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Prayer and praise make up the heart of the true Jew. Over the many centuries, Jews have developed countless prayers and blessings to God.

Note that Jewish prayer is not confined to services and holidays, since it is considered daily communion with God. Nor is prayer confined to the synagogue, since there are many prayers and blessings intended to be said by the individual in the home.

  1. Introduction - An overview of the Jewish view of prayer and praise.
  2. The Siddur - Understanding the Jewish Prayerbook.
  3. Jewish Prayer Services - The morning, afternoon, and evening prayer services, including links to the common prayers and blessings (in Hebrew).
  4. The Weekday Amidah - The Shemoneh Esrei or weekday Amidah is provided here online.
  5. The LORD's Prayer - The model prayer Yeshua taught His disciples.
  6. Kaddish - "Sanctification," a prayer of praise recited by mourners.
  7. Perek Yomi Tehillim - Daily readings from the book of Psalms.
  8. The Synagogue - An overview of the synagogue and its liturgies.
  9. Online Shabbat Siddur - a suggested order of service for Messianic Jews.

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