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Celebrating Shabbat

Online Shabbat Seder Guide

Of all the Jewish holidays, Shabbat is considered the most important of all -- even more important than Yom Kippur or the other High Holidays -- since it is explicitly commanded by the LORD in the Ten Commandments. We must start here, then, if we are serious about observing the mo'edim of the LORD. The following pages provide a step-by-step guide to performing your own Shabbat home ceremony.


  1. Introduction to Shabbat
  2. Preparing for Shabbat
  3. Giving Tzedakah
  4. Lighting the Shabbat Candles
  5. Blessing the Children
  6. Friday Night Kiddush
  7. Washing the Hands
  8. Blessing the Bread
  9. Eating the Shabbat Meal
  10. Grace after the Meal
  11. Thanking God for Salvation
  12. Sabbath Day Activities
  13. The Havdalah Ceremony
  14. Special Sabbaths
  15. Afterword (for Christians)
  16. The LORD of the Sabbbath
  17. Yeshua is God's Sabbath Rest
  18. The Sign of the Sabbath
Lighting the Sabbath Candles

Shabbat Seder Guide

Download printable documents:

Quick Friday Night Kiddush Guide

To make it easier to perform Friday Night Kiddush, I created a "Quick Kiddish Sheet" that you can print to help you remember the Hebrew blessings for erev Shabbat celebrations:

Easy Shabbat Seder...

Handy Shabbat Guide!  

Now you can perform your own Messianic Shabbat home celebration with confidence! Using this simplified single-page guide, you will be able to recite the traditional Hebrew blessings with ease! The laminated page includes the traditional steps, each with the Hebrew, transliteration, and English translation. On the other side of the Shabbat Guide you will find the "Lord's Prayer" in Hebrew, which may be incorporated as part of your Shabbat celebration or even framed as a poster for your home... Learn the prayer Yeshua taught His disciples to pray!

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