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1.10  Unit One Summary

Unit One Summary -

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The least you should know...

After having studied Unit One, you should have mastered the following material:

The Hebrew Character Set

Print Letters
Block Letters

Script Letters
Script Letters

Sofit Letters (Final Forms)
Five Hebrew letters are formed differently when they appear as the last letter of a word. The form of the letter does not affect the way it is pronounced:


Note that an acronym to help you remember these letters is "KHeMNiFaTS."

Guttural Letters
The guttural letters are created in the throat. They affect the conjugation of verbs by "weakening" the shoresh (root) of the word:

Throaty Fice

Begedkephat Letters
Six Hebrew letters may appear with or without Dagesh Kal (or Dagesh Lene). The presence of a Dagesh Kal affects pronunciation only:


Shin / Sin
In some grammars, Shin and Sin are sometimes construed as two different letters. For our purposes, consider them variants of the same letterform but each having a distinct phonetic value ("sh" and "s", respectively):

Shin and Sin

Aleph-Bet Recitation
Practice reciting the letters of the Hebrew alphabet:


Numeric Values
Hebrew letters are sometimes used to express numbers. For example, Aleph stands for 1, Bet for 2, and so on. When used as numbers, letters are marked with geresh (single quote mark) if a single letter is used, or gerashayim (double quote mark) if more than one. For example, you should understand that the following represents the number 22:


and that the following number represents (5)763:


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Nu, What's Next?
If this material is now clear, you may ahead to Unit Two and begin learning the Hebrew vowel system or perform a self-check by working through Unit One exercises.

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