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Yad - Hand

The Torah Scroll (Sefer Torah) is one of the most precious objects of Jewish worship. To show respect (and to protect the scroll from dirt and oil from the reader’s hands), a Yad or Torah pointer is normally used while reading. Most yadim are made of beautifully wrought silver. The pointing end of the Yad is commonly shaped like a small hand with its index finger extended.

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In the Scriptures
In the Scriptures, yad is used to refer to a physical hand, but more often it is used idiomatically to refer to the power or the craft of a person or group. Thus we read of the “hand of the enemy,” “the hand of the Philistines,” the “hands of Moses,” and especially the “Hand of God.”

The Hand of God metaphorically speaks of Adonai’s power. In Adonai’s Hand are power and might (1 Chronicles 29:12). His hand is not "shortened" that it cannot save us (Isaiah 59:1), but is Mighty to save to the uttermost all those who call upon Him in humility and truth (Hebrews 7:25). God demonstrated His Hand through His deliverance of Israel from Egypt (Exodus 13:3-16; Num 33:3). Indeed, the Hand of God (yad haElohim) created the universe itself (Psalm 8:6; 95:5). Moreover, Adonai upholds the righteous with his Hand (Psalm 37:24; 139:10) and continually lifts up his hand on our behalf (Psalm 10:12).

The Hands of Adonai were also pierced for us (Psalm 22:16, John 20:27).

“the hand of God was very heavy there” (1 Sam. 5:11)

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