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Based on the Weekly Torah Portion

The Hebrew word of the week is the word chok ("a decree beyond our understanding"), taken from the weekly Torah portion Chukat. The related construct form of the word appears in the second verse of the Torah portion (i.e., Lev. 19:2):

Numbers 19:2a

This is the Torah's decree which the LORD commanded (Num 19:2a)

Zot chukat haTorah - "this is the Torah's Decree...." which we therefore accept as a commandment that transcends our abilities to rationally fathom.  That is, when asked why we would do what is here commanded, we can only appeal to the fact that the LORD has commanded such - and that settles the issue.

Related Words

Chok is a noun (Strong# 2706; TWOT #728) that means "a statute, ordinance, decree, or something prescribed." The word is derived from the shoresh (root) chakak, meaning to engrave (as God's decrees on the tablets of stone given to Moses). Some words in the Tanakh that share the root include:

Related Words

Parashah-Related words:

Other words in parashat Chukat that merit study and attention include:


Scripture Passages:

Gen 26:5

Because Abraham obeyed my voice and kept my charge,
my commandments, my decrees, and my laws. (Gen 26:5)

Lev 18:5

You shall therefore keep my decrees and my rules;
which, if a person does, he shall live by them: I am the LORD. (Lev 18:5)

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