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Modeh Ani - Upon Arising

Modeh Ani -

The Blessing upon Arising

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"In the service of the Almighty, the point of departure is Modeh Ani."

 -- Rabbi Sholom Dov Ber of Lubavitch

WHEN WE AWAKEN IN THE MORNING, God graciously restores our soul (neshamah or nefesh) within us in order to experience another day of life. This awakening is an analog of the resurrection from the dead: just as God revives us from the depths of our sleep and enables our eyes to once again receive light, so will He ultimately revive the dead from their state and bring them into the glorious presence of His Light.

The Modeh Ani, one of the first blessings a Jewish child is taught, expresses gratitude to God for the gift of a new day of life (note that women say "modah" instead of "modeh"):

I thank you, living and eternal King,
for returning my soul within me in compassion,
great is your faithfulness.

When we open our eyes each morning and recite the prayer, "I thank You, O God.."
it is good to reflect for awhile: Who am "I"? and "Who are You?" - The Kotzer Reb


Modeh Ani Hebrew with Transliteration

Modeh ani l'faneykha, melekh chai vekayam,
she-hechezarta bi nishmati bechemlah, rabbah emunatekha.

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