Barukh She'amar -

Blessed is He who spoke

The Barukh She'amar is normally included as part of the core service in the synagogue. In Orthodox synagogues, this prayer is said while standing. This prayer is the start of the Pesukei Dezimrah and is considered the proper prelude to the recitation of the Shema and Amidah. According to some traditions, men should grasp their front two tzizit at the moment of reciting Barukh She'amar and must not speak until completing the Amidah.

According to Jewish legend, the Men of the Great Assembly received the text of Barukh She'amar on a note that fell from heaven. Regardless of this midrash, this prayer is a beautiful expression of praise to the LORD:


Blessed is Adonai, Who spoke and the universe came into being. Blessed is Adonai, Who keeps the whole world going. Blessed is Adonai, Who does what He says. Blessed is Adonai, Who decrees and finishes. Blessed is He Who has mercy upon the earth; Blessed is He Who has mercy upon creation. Blessed is Adonai Who gives a good reward to those who fear Him. Blessed is Adonai, Who lives and endures forever. Blessed is He Who rescues and redeems us, blessed is His Name. Blessed are You, Lord our God, King of the universe and our merciful Heavenly Father, Who is praised by His people and glorified by the tongue of his pious servants. We praise You through the songs of David, Your servant, O Lord our God, with praises and songs. We glorify You and declare Your Name and Your rule, O God and our King. You are the Life-Giver to the worlds; You are the King to be praised and Your great Name glorified forever and ever. Blessed are You, Lord, the King Who is to be praised.  Amen.


Barukh she'amar v'hayah ha'olam, barukh hu. Barukh 'oseh v'reishit.
Barukh omeir v'oseh, barukh gozeir um'kaiyam, barukh m'rachem 'al ha'arets, barukh m'rachem 'al hab'riyot, barukh m'shaleim sakhar tov lirei'av, barukh chai la'ad v'kaiyam lanetsach, barukh podeh umatsil, barukh sh'mo.

Barukh attah Adonai eloheinu melekh ha-olam, ha'el ha'av harachaman hamhullal b'feh 'amo, m'shubach umfo'ar bilshon chasidav va'avadav.

uvshirei David 'avdekha n'halelkha Adonai eloheinu, bishvachot uvizmirot n'galdelkha unshabechakha unfa'erkha venazkir shimkha venamlikhkha, malkeinu eloheinu.

Yachid chei ha'olamim melekh m'shubach umfo'ar 'adei 'ad sh'mo haggadol.

Barukh attah Adonai melekh m'hullal betishbachot. Amen.

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