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Advanced Hebrew Learning System - including Interactive DVDS!

Learn Conversational Hebrew
from Israeli teachers!

Interactive DVDS can be run on
your computer or DVD player!

Hot Features

  • Textbook - The textbook contains all the lessons, including explanations, translations and transliterations into English in order to enable the learner to pronounce Hebrew clearly and easily.
  • VIDEO-ACTIVE™ - A unique method that boosts your speaking ability; at the end of each lesson, you'll actively participate in the dialogue by means of subtitles and your teachers will respond!

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In the 30 lessons of this course, you'll learn over 1200 new words! (more than what's covered in an ordinary Israeli Ulpan class!)

Focus on conversational skills

 No previous knowledge of Hebrew is needed!

Study Tools Include:

  • 228 page book contains 30 translated lessons
  • 3 DVDs with all the material covered in the book

Course Overview:

  • Course Basics -  In the 30 lessons of the course, you'll learn over 1200 new words in Hebrew and be taught the basics of the Hebrew language.
  • Course Level - There's no need for any previous knowledge of Hebrew! The course is for beginners and aims at providing you a good working knowledge of basic Hebrew and the ability to hold a conversation.

System Requirements:
PC or Mac with working DVD-ROM drive (or a DVD player if you wish to use the course apart from your computer).

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