Who's Who in the Bible

The Complete Encyclopedia of Bible Personalities

This comprehensive software provides the biographies of over 3,000 persons named in the Bible, sorted by alphabet, date and text location. It is the most complete and detailed reference tool on the subject. It tells the individual story of every person named in the Bible. They are all here, patriarchs and prophets, warriors and peace makers, kings and queens, holy men and sinners, heroes and villains.

Each entry gathers together, in a coherent and continuous narration, all the references found in the Bible about any specific person, information that, in many cases, is scattered across great stretches of the biblical text. Who's Who in the Bible is an indispensable reference tool for general readers of the Bible, scholars, students, teachers, religious institutions, colleges and seminaries. You can use it as to research the Scriptures and to read and enjoy the fascinating stories of the men and women whose lives, teachings, and sayings have such a great influence and impact in our own lives.

This unique reference tool includes the following features:

  • Complete text of the Bible with on-screen help
  • Biographies of the over 3,000 personalities named in the Bible, with explanation of their names and century when they lived.
  • Sorting of the biographies by alphabet, century, or location in the text where first mentioned.
  • Biographies can be printed out, copied and pasted in your own documents
  • Advanced research features allows to retrieve all the mentions of a specific person from all the other biographies
  • A Listing of all the proper names in Scripture
  • Concordance of every single name and word in the Bible, showing it in-context in the biblical text
  • Chronology of biblical events
  • Verse retrieval by keywords and other methods
  • Printable summary of every biblical book

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An indispensible reference tool for students of the Scriptures...



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