The New Tefillah Trainer

The World's Best Hebrew Prayer Tutorial Software

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The best way to learn Hebrew prayers

  • Pray with confidence!
  • Learn to lead prayer services
  • All the Shabbat and Weekday Prayers!
  • Full translations with the Hebrew texts
  • Includes both Ashkenazi and Sephardic pronunications
  • Full Speed Control
  • Customize Accents, melody styles (nusach), and vocal range!
  • Highlighted phrases as chant occurs
  • Click to find the exact prayer or phrase!
  • For both PC or MAC!

A Complete Hebrew Prayer Tutorial System!

Now you can learn to read, chant, and sing the most famous prayers of the Jewish prayerbook (siddur).  This amazing program will let you study - at your own pace - all the weekday and Shabbat prayers commonly recited in Jewish congregations around the world!

Choose your accent style, pronunication, inflection, and even speed of recitation! This computer program surpasses the older method of using CDs along with your prayerbook -- it's all built in, right there! A fantastic resource for those who are seriously studying Hebrew and the Jewish roots of their faith.

Compatible with both PC/Windows and MAC/OS, this is without question the best Hebrew prayer tutorial available today.

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