Tanakh Plus

Bilingual Hebrew-English Bible with complete Concordance
and amazing Gematria tools

What is Gematria?

  • Complete English and Hebrew Concordance
  • Word identification by its root
  • Copy and paste to word processor, variable font size, and more
  • Bilingual, side-by-side Biblical Text
  • Go to book-chapter-verse-word
  • Find word or phrase
  • Gematria: 7 methods
  • User specified Gematria value
  • Gematria dictionary
  • Letter Substitution
  • Copy and paste to word processor
  • User specified font size
  • User Manual in CD

First, although Gematria uses numbers it should not be confused with Numerology. While Numerology could be very speculative and arbitrary, Gematria is a simple yet powerful method of understanding Scriptural connections....
Gematria uses the numerical values of the Hebrew letters to derive insights into the sacred writings, to obtain interpretations of the text, and to illustrate secular matters.
With this program you can translate the names of your friends and relatives into numerical values and this program will show you all the words in the Bible which have the same numerical values!
This program allows you to utilize 7 different Gematria methods, a Gematria concordance, Gematria calculator, letter substitution, verse retrieval according to key words, first letters, initials.

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** System requirements: Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP and Vista (i.e., Windows only)

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