Bible Codes. Gematria. Equidistant Letter Sequences. More!

A great tool to
Explore the Depths of Scripture!

Finally -
Bible Codes Made Easy!

Hot Features

  • Search Bible Codes - Full matrix display and detailed reports of searched codes
  • Advanced Gematria Engine - Has 7 different accepted letter-number methods plus an 8th method which is a unique user specified value system.
  • Bible Movie Clips - A presentation of the Bible Code theory.
  • Torah Study Tools - The weekly Torah portion with Rashi and other commentators are provided online!
  • Extra Goodies! - Including screen savers, online quizzes, biblical illustrations, 613 commandments listing (with links to the Scriptures), online tutorial, and much more!

Only $99.00 $59.95

Begin exploring the inner depths of the Biblical text, including searching and discovering all the Bible codes!

Find out the meaning of the biblical names in both the OT and NT!

No knowledge of Hebrew is necessary, though a complete Hebrew lexicon is provided.

Study Tools Include:

  • Bilingual Bible text in parallel columns
  • Automatic code searching and reporting
  • On-screen Tutorial!

also includes:

  • Bilingual commentaries of the Torah
  • Torah portion of the week
  • Rashi Commentary on the Torah
  • Biblical lexicon
  • Gematria dictionary and calculator
  • Biblical festivals and holy days
  • Bible Chronology of the entire Tanakh
  • Biblical Dictionary and concordance

System Requirements:
PC with Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, 64MB RAM minimum, CD-ROM drive, sound card, Pentium 166 minimum, Pentium 233 recommended

Please note that this product is NOT Mac compatible, unless you can run in Windows XP emulation mode.


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