Music of the Jewish Heart!

Beautiful Songs of the Torah!

A Great Collection of award winning Biblical Songs!

Israeli Spirit Music

Enjoy Hebrew through Biblical Music

This award winning collection is entirely unique, and makes a great gift for someone you love...

Enjoy Biblical music and sing along!

Song Samples

Ephraim, My Beloved Son

Psalm of Ascend

* Higher quality on actual CD

Play list:

1. Ephrayim, My Beloved Son 1

2. Psalm of Ascend

3. Hallelujah Shabbat Shalom

4. Jerusalem, Your city, O Lord!

5. Shema Israel (Hear, O Israel!)

6. Israel, Israel, trust the Lord

7. El Ginat Egoz - from Songs of Songs

8. Apple (Tapuach) - from Songs of Songs

9. You Love Me (Libavtini) - from Songs of Songs

10. Ephrayim, my beloved son 2

Beautiful Songs of the Torah

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