Perfumes and Hand-crafted Soaps from the Land of the Bible!

Perfumes of the Torah

Frankincense (levona) was lavishly used in worship. The Torah specifies it as an ingredient for incense (Exod. 30:34) and according to the Gospel of Matthew, gold, frankincense and myrrh were among the gifts presented to Yeshua by the Magi who came to honor the one born the King of the Jews.

In ancient history myrrh was used as an essential constituent of perfumes and incense and was literally worth more than its weight in gold. It was favored by King Solomon's wives and was also used by Queen Cleopatra. Myrrh gives a long-lasting, fresh, and rejuvenating feeling.

Now you can enjoy the beauty and sanctity of these wonderful aromas in your daily life!

Cologne Spray

Frosted Italian Glass (50 mL) $29.95

50 ml Frankincense

50 ml Myrrh


Makes a wonderful gift for someone you love!

Small Perfume Bottles

Frosted Italian Glass (16 mL) $24.95

16 ml Frankincense

16 ml Myrrh


Soaps from Israel

Alma Health & Beauty Aromatic Lily Soap
The wonderful sweet and light scent of lilies will soothe your heart as well as your body!  This soap has been forumlated to relax and rejuvenate irritated or dry skin. [$7.95 per bar]

Jordan Olive Oil Based Soap
Revel in this all natural herbal health soap, made by an old traditional recipe in the Holy Land from a family that traces its lineage to the Kings of Judah! [$4.95 per bar]



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