Hebrew Verbs and Conjugations

Master the Verbs and Conjugations of Hebrew With a full Color Book and DVD!

This high-quality, multi-color book helps learners understand the principles of Hebrew verb construction and conjugation. All verbs are shown using Hebrew vowels (nikkud).

The book also comes with a full DVD!
Two professional narrators, one male and one female, read aloud all the verb forms to ensure correct pronunciation.

The Book is Divided into three parts:

  1. Hebrew English Dictionary: Comprising 4,000 useful modern Hebrew verbs translated into English. The dictionary also provides a short summary of the Hebrew alphabet and vowel signs.
  2. A Guide to Hebrew Verbs: Complete and Comprehensive. It allows you to look for a particular verb and its conjugation pattern.
  3. Hebrew Verb Tables: 264 Verb Tables are arranged according to the 7 Hebrew verb groups (binyanim). Tables are divided into different conjugations of each verb group. Each verb group is further divided into different conjugations and then tenses.

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