Simplified, accurate, easy to use:

Handy Shabbat Guide

Learn the Hebrew blessings for your very own Shabbat Seder!

"Call the Sabbath your delight...."
Isaiah 58:13-14

Now you can perform your own Messianic Shabbat home celebration with confidence! Using this simplified single-page guide, you will be able to recite the traditional Hebrew blessings with ease!

Side A

The laminated page includes the following steps, each with the Hebrew text, easy to read transliteration, along with the English translation:

  1. Lighting the Shabbat Candles

  2. Blessing over the wine

  3. Blessing over the bread

  4. Giving thanks for Salvation in Yeshua our Messiah

  5. The traditional Priestly Blessing

Note: All Hebrew blessings are "Messianic" versions that give the glory to Yeshua the Messiah of Israel!

The Lord's Prayer in Hebrew

On the other side of the Shabbat Guide you will find the "Lord's Prayer" in Hebrew, which may be incorporated as part of your Shabbat celebration or even framed as a poster for your home... Learn the prayer Yeshua taught His disciples to pray!

Side B

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The Hebrew text, easy to read transliteration, and complete English translation of the prayer is provided so that you can recite the Hebrew words of Yeshua with confidence!

The Hebrew text includes syllable-by-syllable separation, simplified English phonetics, and accent marks denoting which  syllable receives the stress while reading.

Using the Shabbat Guide and reciting the Lord's Prayer in Hebrew will enhance your walk with the LORD God of Israel!



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