Hebrew-English Phonetic Bible

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Complete Phonetic Hebrew Bible

Read the Hebrew Bible with complete Transliteration
and Translation using this Software

This unique Hebrew resource goes verse by verse through the entire Hebrew Bible, listing:

  1. The Hebrew text
  2. A complete phonetic transliteration with accents
  3. An English translation

Great Features!

  • Concise transliteration, broken down syllable by syllable for easy reading.
    No previous knowledge of Hebrew is needed!
  • With our revolutionary Transliteration, Syllable Separation and Accent marks above the English vowels, your Hebrew pronunciation is guaranteed to be 100% accurate and faithful to the original sound of the Biblical Hebrew.
  • Reach a proficiency Reading the Bible in Hebrew in an hour!
  • The software contains over 4,000 printable pages, containing the entire Tanakh (i.e., the Old Testament: the Torah, Prophets, Psalms and more).
  • Includes FREE MP3 CD with the entire Bible Narrated in Hebrew arranged by books -- over 65 hours of recording!
  • Software allows you to read and search throughout the Bible, copy the Hebrew or English text into your documents, and print selected pages.
  • Compatible with both Windows and MAC.
  • Only $59.95 (plus shipping and handling)


SOFTWARE ONLY $59.95 (plus shipping and handling)

Domestic Orders Only (USA)

Canadian and Mexican Orders (additional shipping charge)

Overseas Orders Only (additional shipping charge)

Upgrade pricing is available for those who have purchased the regular Hebrew Transliterated Bible.

Please email me for details.

IMPORTANT: This is NOT a hardcover book (it's over 4,000 pages), though you can print the pages you wish to study at any time... Note further that the transliteration of the Bible is copyrighted and cannot be copied off for use in other publications.

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The Most Ancient Form of Hebrew!

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Hebrew Word Pictures Transliterated Bible!

Now the entire OT in Hebrew Word Pictures - fully transliterated into English! According to most scholars, the earliest form of Hebrew was not the square script we see in modern Torah scrolls today (i.e., ketav Ashurit) but was rather an older script, sometimes called ketav Ivri. This, in turn, was thought to derive from an even earlier pictographic script (sometimes called Hebrew "Word Pictures") that was similar to other forms of Canaanite cuneiform.

Using this new interlinear Old Testament you can view the Hebrew Word pictures that represent the corresponding Masoretic text of the Tanakh. As a bonus, the CD includes a free Hebrew pictograph font as well as Dead Sea Scroll text formatting.

Only $49.95 (plus shipping and handling); includes the OT read in Hebrew (mp3 format)

Domestic Orders Only (USA)

Canadian and Mexican Orders (additional shipping charge)

Overseas Orders Only (additional shipping charge)

Note: If you've already purchased the Transliterated Hebrew-English Bible from us, you may purchase this as an Upgrade for only $19.95. Please email me for details.

Note: While it's interesting to study Hebrew archaeology, word origins and etymology, I feel compelled to warn you to be sure to balance this approach with other methods of Bible study.  After all, while it is true that ancient Hebrew was once written in a "pre-Babylonian captivity script" that mirrored ancient Phoenician (called ketav Ivri), the further step that this script derived from an earlier form of Canaanite cuneiform is not as clearly established. Moreover, Yeshua recognized the authority and sanctity of the Hebrew text of His day (i.e., the Hebrew square script - ketav Ashurit - as adopted by Ezra the Scribe (Matt. 5:18), and therefore we can rest assured that this text received His sanction. For more information, about the history of Hebrew, please see this page.

Fully Transliterated Hebrew-English Hebrew New Testament

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Parallel Transliterated New Testament!

Now Greek AND Hebrew - both fully transliterated into English! With this unique tool, you will be able to look up any verse in the English New Testament and read both the underlying Greek Text as well as the most up-to-date and accurate Hebrew translation!

And don't worry if you're still learning the languages -- both the Greek and the Hebrew include full English transliterations, so you can read the texts with confidence!

Created in Israel - the land of Yeshua!

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Great Features!