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Why is there no better book for first learning Hebrew than this? Many, many reasons. First of all, this work teaches both print and script, so you will be ready to read, speak, write and understand Hebrew in Israel as well as in heaven. Second, it progresses gradually enough that even the faint-hearted will find immediate value in it, nurturing them to proceed on a friendly course toward a unique intimacy with God's language, land and people.

Unlike "kiddie primers", this one serves as a benevolent tool for  transliterations from the Bible. Dedicated students will find themselves reading the text with Sephardic pronunciations and feeling a sense of real accomplishment.

Using an adult-learning model, it includes plenty of practice. At over 400 pages, this text is all you need to progress from knowing not one letter of Hebrew to reading and speaking it with confidence. Foreword by Dr. Zola Levitt and scholastically edited by Dr. Yigdal Levin of Bar-Illan University, Israel.

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ZLM Introduction to Hebrew
ISBN 1-930749-44-9
412 pages; oversized book!
$34.95 USD (plus S&H).
(US orders only; see below for Int'l)

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Proceeds from the sale of the book help pay for the web-hosting services and other costs for running this web site!

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Book Features:

Edited by Dr. Yigdal Levin of Bar-Illan University (Israel) and Dr. Zola Levitt!

The BEST Hebrew Primer for first-time learners or homeschoolers!

Messianic Insights and Hebraic mindset throughout text!

Names of God in Hebrew!

Understand the Bible Jesus read!

Learn Hebrew blessings and prayers!

Perform your own home Shabbat ceremony!

Unrivaled transliteration and typesetting!


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