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A little background on the book...

While writing Hebrew lessons for Zola Levitt's Ministry over the years, often I have been asked for a resource to help learn the basics of Hebrew reading and writing. This book, entitled "Zola's Introduction to Hebrew" (or "Ivrit L'matchilim") was the product of searching through countless Hebrew primers and introductory texts for a "better" introduction to Hebrew. Finding little in the marketplace that seemed adequate, especially from a Messiah-honoring point of view, I believed that the time was ripe to develop a new book to better meet the needs of those who desire to know the "Language of the Kingdom."

This book is unique because it presents the Aleph-Bet (and the nikkud) in a simple, progressive, and step-by-step format that is ideal for adult learners or home-schoolers. Quizzes and practice materials are included in the running text of the book. In addition to basic phonetics, the book teaches information about the Hebrew roots of the Christian faith, and provides an introductory course in Jewish literacy. Some exceptional features include a mini-Siddur (the classical synagogue prayers, each of which is introduced and clearly phoneticized), a chapter on the B'rit Chadashah and Tanakh, and a chapter on the Hebrew Names and Titles for G-d. All in all, this is an exceptional book that has no genuine rival in the English language! Wonderfully formatted and ready for use -- with an integrated workbook included!

To ensure accuracy, Dr. Yigdal Levin, a professor of Hebrew at Bar-Illan University, Israel, was selected as the book's editor. And at over 400 pages, this text is all you need to progress from knowing not one letter of Hebrew to reading and speaking it with confidence. Ideal for self-study or classroom use!

Please consider this book as an ideal "primer" for learning Biblical Hebrew. Once you have completed your study of the book and feel confident with the mechanics of the language, you can go on to study formal Hebrew grammar, such as Pratico and Van Pelt's BHG (Biblical Hebrew Grammar). Or you can begin to study Biblical Hebrew grammar using this website.

But why buy the book? I'll just use the web site....

While it is true that there is some overlap between the book and this web site, the book provides many more reading and writing exercises that I can possibly put online. The book also provides many of the great synagogue prayers - including the entire Amidah - for your reading practice (again, something I cannot possible provide online). The Names of G-d in Hebrew, the Hebrew Bible overview, and dozens of additional insights into the Scriptures are only made available through the book. You can also teach a class using the book as your Teacher's Guide!

If you want to practice your reading and writing, especially when away from your computer, then buying the book is an effective option. And the content of the book will be nicely supplemented with this web site.

Finally, please consider this. I am not in the publishing business and I cannot make a living by selling this book. There are other Hebrew learning resources you might purchase that are part of a large publishing house, but they are not usually offered as part of ministry in the Name of our L-rd Jesus Christ. By supporting this book, you are helping to promote the glory of our L-RD throughout all the earth.
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