Explore the Mishkan

Understand the foundation of the Jewish Temple with this interactive multimedia!

This breakthrough educational software program is an astounding and unprecedented achievement in the audio/visual presentation of Torah knowledge!

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  • Verse-by-verse exploration
  • Each verse with translation
  • Photo-realistic illustrations
  • Alternate opinions
  • Detailed dimensions
  • Animations of the details in the verse
  • Audio commentary
  • Flowing Chumash/Rashi text with elucidation

Watch the Mishkan being built and see the vessels being assembled:

Fly above it for a birds-eye view

Watch the details of each vessel and the Kohen Gadol's garments come to life!

Explore verses in amazing detail:

See detailed photo-realistic images, including dimensions and alternate opinions.  Watch the Torah verses come to life through animation.  Watch the Mishkan being assembled before your very eyes!  You can even rotate 3D models of the sacred vessels and "zoom in" for a close-up view!

Listen to Torah experts explain complex verses.  Compare the commentary by reading the classic ArtScroll Rashi, fully translated from Hebrew with explanatory notes.

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Note: This software only runs on Microsoft Windows operating systems...




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