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The Winter Mo'edim - Victory and Celebration

The Winter Mo'edim -

Victory and Celebration

The winter holidays remember special times when God acted on behalf of His people so that they would triumph over their enemies, and therefore they prophetically picture the final victory to come in olam ha-bah, the world to come.

Winter Mo'edim - Victory

Winter - Choref


Jewish Leap Years

Approximately every three years is an additional month is inserted into the calendar called Adar II. To determine whether a year is a leap year, enter the year number and perform mod 19. If the result is either 0, 3, 6, 8, 11, 14, or 17, then it is a Jewish leap year. For example, 5774 mod 19 is 17, and therefore it is a Jewish leap year.

Note that two other dates are significant during this season:

    • Kristallnacht Remembrance: the "Night of Broken Glass" [Cheshvan 15, the date Nov. 9th, 1938 - the first great pogrom of the Nazis in Germany]
    • The Balfour Declaration - [Cheshvan 17, the date when the British government agreed to a Jewish homeland in 1917. Note that Cheshvan 17 is also the date traditionally associated with start of the great mabbul, the flood of Noah]


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