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In the words below, see how the key letters (Resh, Aleph, and Shin) are used to form other Hebrew words:

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In the Scriptures
The word bereshit is the first word in the entire Bible and is the Hebrew name for the book called "Genesis." Can you see how it is formed from the three key letters of the root?

The first appearance of the word rosh in the Tanakh (Bereshit 3:15) is a direct reference to the work of the Mashiach Yeshua performed on our behalf: "He (the Promised Seed) shall bruise your (satan's) head [rosh], but you shall bruise His heel" (indicating first, that Messiah would crush the head of the devil in victory, and second, that Satan would only be able to injure Him by means of an attack "from behind," i.e., by craft, deception, and cowardice.

Genesis 3:15

Note also that the pictographic image of the word Rosh is as follows:

Loosely construed, this word picture likewise suggests the Messiah: "the Chief Head (Lord) will destroy the devil."


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