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Common Synagogue Blessings

Common Synagogue Berachot -

Hebrew Blessings Recited during Synagogue Services

Of course Hebrew blessings are also recited as part of synagogue services. These blessings are embedded within the normal synagogue liturgy, and many are part of the Hebrew prayer services (Shacarit, Minchah, and Ma’ariv services).

Entering Synagogue
Wearing a Tallit
Putting on Tefillin
Birchot HaShachar
The Barekhu
The Shema
Torah Reading Blessings
Haftarah Reading Blessings
Brit Chadashah Blessings

Ein Keloheinu
Half Kaddish
Mourner’s Kaddish
Blessing for Jerusalem
Priestly Blessing
Upon Leaving Services

Brit Chadashah blessings

The Siddur
The Synagogue
Prayer Services
Torah Service
The Amidah

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