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Miscellaneous Berachot

Miscellaneous Berachot -

Hebrew Blessings recited for various reasons

There are many other blessings prescribed by Jewish tradition to help us remember the goodness of God and to practice our gratitude before Him. Some of these are spontaneously uttered praises to God for evidence of His daily care; some of these are special words said on special occasions; and some are more formalized cadences uttered for ritualistic observances:

For Healing
For Giving Strength
For Giving Wisdom
For Meeting Needs
Traveler's Blessing
For being an Israelite
For being made free
For self-acceptance
For seeing the ocean

For the Gift of Sight
When Anointing with Oil
For the Hebrew Letters
For seeing a Torah sage
For seeing a renowned scholar
For the State of Israel
For the Earth
Pidyon HaBen (firstborn)
Upon wearing new clothes

Mezuzah and Case
Psalm 145:1

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